Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Water reflection and pasha day March 11,2010

I went outside to take pictures and one thing that was interesting was the water reflection with the sky,house and trees.I like how the leaves are still there from fall.

After that, i came to pasha that was sitting in the chair and just staring at the camera. Smile Pasha.

Sasha day March10,2010

Im sitting on the couch and i turn back to see whos looking at the window and it was sasha looking at dad because he is in the kitchen.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A B/W Water Pitcher March 9,2010

Everyday I clean out the dog's bowl to put fresh water, so i use this water pitcher and after i came inside, the water pitcher had water dripping down and water stuck on the Pitcher.

Plant in House March 8,2010

My Parents got a plant for the house. Its lika a palm tree. but its not.

Sasha B/W look through the window March 7,2010

Sasha looks through the window to see if anyone is downstairs. She saw me, so she just stares

Crystals display March 6,2010

The light fixture has little crystals but the center looks like a diamond. Every day when it's sunny, the light hits off the crystal, it makes rainbow colors that hit the celling.

A Play at the Carpenter center March 5,2010

A Play comes to the carpenter center to act. This one was with people and a background of a rose.

Car scene and Arby's March 2,3,4, 2010

The world passes by everyday as this night scene with cars on roads going to places.

Some people want to go to Arby's for dinner.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Backlighting 2 March 1,2010

It's the same backlighting pose but diffrent flowers. I think this was an interesting shooting assignment to do for Photography.

Flower Backlighting February 28,2010

The nights i took pictures of backlighting pictures was the night i had to do the shooting assignment. It took me 2 nights to do this

Music at the Daily Grind & Man with seagulls February 26,27,2010

Music from Harry Gore and Other musicans .

A glass soda bottle shines from the lights of Daily Grind. Bill taking pictures while Ferris sits back and drinks his Soda. Alison in the Background .

The next Day, My dad and i had to go pick up his clothes from the cleaners. When we left, i saw a man feeding the seagulls and they are everywhere around him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pasha Day February 24,25 2010

Pasha wants to take a nap, but he looks at me and says goodnight evry night.

Sasha Expression February 22 23, 2010

Sasha shows her expression saying i am excited.