Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Air Ballon and Daily Grind March 27,2010

As My dad and i left the house to go to DG, we saw a hot Air Ballon up in the sky. When we got to the Daily Grind My buddy Farris frezzes a hand from a glove and its a work of Art. Jenine background checks it out that it's standing.

Me and My Buddy Pasha March 26,2010

My Buddy Pasha loves me and i love him too! Pasha looks so cute.

Flowers brighten up the room March 24, 25,2010

Flowers are given for my birthday so i decide to take a picture of these flowers with the flash on. it had to be two days to decide which one would fit perfect.

Me and Pasha Picture Day March 23,2010

Pasha checks out me as i take a picture of myself and him.

Pasha and Sasha enjoying pictures March 22,2010

Pasha and Sasha love getting pictures taken. Haha you can see my shirt through the window

Artshow at the Resource for Independent living March 21,2010

I Had an Artshow on my birthday and the next Day. Pictures displayed as my arshow begins.

My Birthday Party March 20,2010

My Birthday party with guest My Godmother, My friends Shawn, Ferris and Janine pictured. Other guest were Bill,Dianne,Edna,Mr. and Mrs. Hodges, My brother and his Girlfrend Laura,
Corey and kendall with her Parents and many more which were not pictured because i had such a great time. I'm Glad im 18

Me posing March 19,2010

The next day i decided to take the picture of my new hair color and it looks different. I don't know if it was the camera or the sunlight.

My New Hair Color March 18,2010

Everyone loves my new hair color because: 1 was that it was 2 day untill my birthday(3,20,92) abd 2 was that i wanted to try something new for my hair.

Sasha by the cut off tree trunk March 16,17,2010

Sasha the next day stands by the tree and looks towards the other side.

Pasha and Sasha by the tree trunk March 13,2010

Sasha(right) sniffs the tree to check it out and Pasha(left) don't know what he is doing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Open Mic at the Daily Grind March 12, 2010

Elena and her band plays at the Daily Grind at Open Mic.

Reamey poses for a picture from bill so i decided to take one as well because of her cute picktail braids.